Jeepneys - Lamka Lamsa from Jeepneys AnnaLuisa on Vimeo.

Lamka Lamsa is a term that comes from the distant future, describing a kind of nostalgia or longing for a culture that has been destroyed or lost. The term can also describe a method of time traveling to the past in order to enjoy one’s ancestral practices. For example, going back in time to enjoy foods that you and/or your grandmothers used to eat but do not exist anymore in the future.

Music - “Rawroo” (excerpt) and “Lamka Lamsa.”
Background footage shot in the Philippines. Thank you Manila, Cebu, and Bohol.

Jeepneys is an artist/time-traveler who was graffitied by the holy ghost and born the giver of beeps. 

Peeko Rebirth Ritual from Jeepneys AnnaLuisa on Vimeo.

In the video Peeko Rebirth Ritual we witness a holy ceremony for cleansing and rebirth on the planet Peeko. The ritual includes a series of activities which take one through a portal into the true colors inside of oneself, arriving on the other side reborn as a more enlightened self. The activities include but are not limited to:

1. Physical activity and sexual release
2. Prayers and offerings for the Gods
3. Balancing of the physical form 
4. Meditation 
5. Surrender to nature 
6. Dancing 

7. Communion with others 

Video by Jeepneys. Music by Jason Grier.