JEEP JEEP, a video game art experience where a Diasporic space traveler returns to their home planet to summon ancestors for the ultimate cosmic ride in a decked-out jeep. Travel across the outerspace archipelago offering coconuts that open hallucinatory portals, unveiling relatives that jubilantly display the traditional dances of this tropical neon planet. Conceived by artist Anna Luisa Petrisko as a ritual death of her musical alias and collaboration project “Jeepneys,” from which the game draws its imaginarium of sounds, colors, and movements. JEEP JEEP is as much a creation story as it is a death, collaboratively designed by a new Los Angeles-based collective who call themselves “Free Nell,” that includes artists and game designers Petrisko, Tonia Beglari (Browntourage), Bela Messex (Buddy System), and David Lyons (WITHIN).

In November of 2017, Free Nell unveiled a one-of-a kind custom joystick controller for JEEP JEEP at the UCLA Game Art Festival at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. JEEP JEEP was also installed in the group show Vital Hybrids, curated by Tiare Ribeaux at B4BEL4B Gallery in Oakland, CA, and shown at the Art Games Demo in Arles, France and the CalArts Digital Arts Expo in Valencia, CA. 

You can download JEEP JEEP for Mac and Windows here



YOUR BODY YOUR SHIP is a video and sculptural plinth by Anna Luisa Petrisko (Jeepneys). In the video, Jeepneys and crew are engaging in spiritual gyrations, jubilant bike riding, and other assembled rituals as they prepare their bodies/spaceships for healing time travel through the cosmos. Barriers are split open, transmissions are sent and received from desired destinations across space and time.

In 2017, Petrisko built a custom sculptural plinth for the video that was exhibited at the Institute of Contemporary Art San Jose as part of the group show Sonic Futures curated by Patricia Carino Valdez. In July 2018, the sculpture and video will be installed at the Juried Exhibition at Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery. 

Art, editing, graphics by Anna Luisa Petrisko
Directed and shot by Nastya Valentine
Featuring Anna Luisa Petrisko, Kendra Dorman, and AA Barie


FILM, 2015

In Historic Filipinotown Los Angeles, 3 filipin@s meditate on their relationship to Diaspora and place. Through ritual, song, dance, seed-planting, and offerings, they activate space in a gentrifying neighborhood while calling upon their spirit guides. Mabuhay, a typical Tagalog greeting that means welcome or cheers; and KA, meaning connection, and communion as in KApwa, KApatid, KAlibutan. Using the ancient pre-colonial Baybayin script and harvested palm fronds, artist/performer/activist Diyan Valencia weaves MABUHAY KA into a fence at the iconic intersection of Temple and Belmont.

Shot, directed, and edited by Anna Luisa "Jeepneys" Petrisko
Starring Diyan Valencia, Micaela Tobin, and Emanuele Nedelcu
Additional Cameras by Kristof Trakal, Nicanor Evangelista Jr., and Louvic Cabrera
Made while artist-in-residence at Echo Park Film Center 2015




Over the course of a year, Jeepneys (Anna Luisa Petrisko) and some times (Meghan Gordon) collaborated on an evolving project that addressed the traditional notions of service and hospitality in relation to their work as artists as well as to their shared Filipina ancestry. This ongoing project has taken many forms -- performance, video installation, sculpture, essay -- and has been exhibited at MaRS Gallery in Los Angeles and SOMArts Cultural Center as part of Black Salt Collective’s Visions Into Infinite Archives.


VIDEO, 2017

In The Tree is a video by Anna Luisa Petrisko, shot and edited entirely on her own while at an artists’ residency at Yaddo.  This video is part of a body of work by Petrisko that explores the body as spaceship, and how through otherworldly concepts, science fiction, and holistic healing practices, we can imagine and achieve transcension, finding new ways to heal the marginalized body.  Overlayed onto this spaceship body are analog video graphics that the artist created using vintage video synthesizers and mixers, cross-referencing technologies from the past, the present, and the future. In The Tree explores a transcended body and its connection to nature, specifically trees, and how the lifeforce of trees and humans are interconnected. Music by Jeepneys, the now-defunct solo music project of the artist.

Non-linear Re-indigenization Methods

Video, 2017


Film, 2015 

OLINGLINGO: THE MOVIE is a video opera meets experimental performance documentary. “OLINGLINGO” is an experimental opera by Anna Luisa Petrisko (Jeepneys) ~ a ceremony to invoke ancestral memory from the future to the past, from earth to outer space. Using footage from live performance, staged footage, and 80’s-style analog video graphics, the OLINGLINGO: THE MOVIE explores embodied cultural transfers, ecstatic celebrations, pensive prayers, and healing release.

Directed and Composed by Anna Luisa Petrisko (Jeepneys) 

Edited by Anna Luisa Petrisko 

Graphics by Anna Luisa Petrisko 

Choreography by Caitlin Adams

Lighting by Ramzi Hibri 

Starring Anna Luisa Petrisko, Kelsey Lanceta, Caitlin Adams, Tiara Jackson, Clarice Cast 



Non-linear Re-indigenization Methods is a video by Anna Luisa Petrisko which explores a cosmically decolonizing dance amongst imagined Diasporic spaces and homelands. The video was created for a weeklong residency at Monkeytown Los Angeles, where audience ate a gourmet meal inside of a 4 channel video cube. It was also shown at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, CA for their Live Practice series. 

BODY SHIP is a multimedia sci-fi opera that explores the physical and spiritual weight of colonialism through multiple dimensions of time and space. BODY SHIP is created by experimental musician Anna Luisa Petrisko (Jeepneys) in collaboration with soprano & sound artist White Boy Scream (Micaela Tobin) and video artist Miko Revereza. In it, two sisters study Ferdinand Magellen’s route to the Philippines. As a healing exercise, they turn their bodies into spaceships and travel along Magellen’s route reconfigured onto the cosmos.

This production is led by a team of three artists with Filipino ancestry whose work shares similar themes about colonialism and diaspora. BODY SHIP aims to unpack the colonial implications of time travel in science fiction and explores the idea of re-indigenization as an act of re-dignifying, and re-culturing as a liberating practice. These themes are prevalent in Petrisko’s work at large. In her art practice, she has been creating a mythological re-indigenized universe with its own sonic, visual, and movement language. Her hand-painted patterned bodysuits are a new skin that reference indigenous Filipino tattooing practices.

BODY SHIP premiered at the Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts (REDCAT) New Original Works Festival in July 2016 and was performed at OUTsider Festival in Austin, TX, and Gray Area Art & Technology in San Francisco as part of Vital Hybrids curated by Tiare Ribeaux. 

Music composed by Anna Luisa Petrisko

Performed by Anna Luisa Petrisko & Micaela Tobin

Video by Miko Revereza